Picture of INOXIHP
Since 1977, INOXIHP has been showing strong presence and penetration in the iron-working, metallurgical, mining and manufacturing markets and wherever high pressure water is demanded. This presence has been so effective to withstand the competition of major industrial groups.


INOXIHP s.r.l. designs and manufactures pressure water systems for steel, metallurgical, manufacturing, and mining applications. It offers horizontal plung pumps for high pressure hydraulic needs in industrial and mining applications. The company also designs and assembles high pressure pumps with safety valves, check valves, unloading valves, and on/off valves, as well as filtering units, measuring systems for remote control, local control panels, and various piping and chassis layouts. In addition, it offers on-off and 2/2-3/2 valves, proportional valves, check valves, air actuated shut-off valve, special products, hydraulic testing, and special valves. The company’s products are used in.