Engineering Services

This company is proud to announce that having a competent and expert body and the ability to provide valuable services in the field of supplying the raw materials of melting and casting industries, and repairing and maintaining the equipment of different types of furnaces. In this regard, the expertise of reputable foreign and domestic companies is also represented. The company's services include technical and engineering services in solving mechanical, electrical and hydraulic problems of various types of melting furnaces, supplying various types of graphite electrodes in various types and types, supplying a variety of carbon graphite materials such as cathode, anode, carbon block and CPC, Melt Addition, Providing Refractory Types for Use in Industries Below are some of these Services:

Fireproof services

  _ Fireproofing and refurbishing of refractory areas (refractory furnace, tandisch, melting pot and wall of preheating furnaces and high furnace)

Instrumentation and automation services

Services of mechanical furnaces
  _ Provide useful solutions to improve the production process
  _ HP Hydraulic Pump Repair (Centrifuge)
  _ Adjusting all kinds of hydraulic valves

Electrode service
  _ Proper training of electrode assembly
  _ Provide suitable solutions to reduce the consumption of electrodes in international standards